Phil Kilgore, of Tabletop Game & Hobby in Kansas City KS, owns and operates the best game store to which I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. If you are in the industry, he may be the best retailer with whom you’re unfamiliar. He has a remarkable perspective on the gaming hobby, its industry, and an even more impressive perspective on management. His secret sauce of passion, work ethic, risk mitigation, and trust make him the best boss for whom I never worked. If I represented an industry trade organization, I would do my damndest to conscript him.

Too much?

You can shop with Phil online at but you would be wise to treat yourself to an in person visit if you’re ever in neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Why We Game: Phil Kilgore

  1. I didn’t think I could love and respect Phil more. THEN I was completely blown away by the last half of this podcast. Amazing! Thank you so much for this podcast, Mike.

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